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Frequently asked questions about In Fine Form and custom clothing

Q: What kinds of custom sewing does In Fine Form do?

A: In Fine Form creates unique designs from patterns, photos or from your imagination; restyling, alterations, artistic wearables, home interior, wardrobe consultation, pattern making, costumes; women’s day and evening dresses, bridal parties, suits, active sportswear, and more; clothes for children, men, and soft furnishings for the home.

Q: How skilled is In Fine Form?

A: Karen is highly skilled. She is a member of the Canadian Professional Sewing Association, and received her formal training at Ryerson University’s Fashion School. She has sewn since childhood, part-time while working in the corporate world – until demand allowed her to turn her skills and passion into a full-time profession. Karen is proud and passionate about her work – she is accountable to her peers as well as to her clients.

Q: What will it look like when it is finished?

A: It will look custom made, not mass-produced or homemade. For a custom clothier, sewing is not a hobby; it is a passion and a profession! Karen of In Fine Form, is a sewing expert. Your garment will look and fit better than a similar off the rack garment.

Q: What are the advantages to the consumer to go to a home-studio?

A: Convenient location, ample parking and flexible appointments; greater value due to lower overhead, a relaxed and homey setting.

Q: Will I be embarrassed when I am measured?

A: There’s no need for embarrassment - the measuring process is private, fast, painless, discreet, and professional. In Fine Form can fit any size or shape of body, and exactly the same techniques are used to fit all body shapes. The custom clothing process is inclusive, not exclusive; it embraces and celebrates the rich variety of human shapes and sizes. Some clients even prefer not to know their size – as long as it fits perfectly!

Q: Does custom clothing cost more than off the rack?

A: Generally, custom goods do cost more than assembly-line products. There are some situations when a garment can be custom-made for less than ready-to-wear; usually this occurs when comparing custom with extremely expensive, luxury ready-to-wear. It is not realistic to expect fine quality custom clothing to cost less than budget to moderately priced off the rack apparel.

Q: How much will it cost?

A: Prices for custom clothing vary with the complexity and originality of the garment; and the quality of fabrics and other materials that you choose. When you have a garment custom-made, with just the style, color, fit, and fabric that suit your sense of style and your wardrobe needs, you are not just buying a garment; you are hiring a highly skilled professional to produce an original. For bridal parties, this is especially helpful to understand. With custom, there are no hidden costs for alterations, final pressing, special sizes, or minor design changes. Plus, the process of having your wedding party gowns custom made is supportive, friendly, relaxing, and stress-free. If you have a particular budget in mind for a garment, it is useful to share it. This way, we can suggest fabrics, style modifications and techniques that will meet your budget.

Q: How long will it take to have my garment custom made?

A: Delivery times vary, but 4-6 weeks is average. Bridal parties and couture clothing will take longer; generally three months. If you are in a rush, it may be possible to accommodate your deadline; overtime may be subject to additional charges.

Q: Why do I have to come for fittings?

A: Remember, if you don’t have fittings, it isn’t custom! Fittings are important because your body is totally unique! With ready to wear, good fit is at best a hit or miss proposition. Ready-to-wear garments are made to fit idealized dress forms, not real people. A custom clothier, on the other hand, makes a garment fit through a complicated series of skilled steps, one set of which is a series of fittings.

Q: What if I don’t like the garment?

A: A custom clothier can guarantee that a garment will be constructed skillfully and that it will fit well, but can not control whether or not you will like it. It helps to have your own sense of style and taste instead of being a slave to fashion. In general, either you need to know exactly what you want, or you need to allow your dressmaker/designer to guide you. There are no returns or exchanges for custom work, just as there are no returns on off-the-rack bridal gowns once a contract is signed. If during the dressmaking process you have second thoughts about the design, voice them as soon as possible; changes may be able to be done that will please you, although changes may be charged additionally.


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