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Other Maine Coon Catteries:

Coontopia Cattery: A site with a lot of very usefull information.
Jaljemar Cattery: Where Belle was born.
Kennebec Cattery: Wyatt Chirp's breeder
Meowchi Cattery: Breeder of Lady BW's Sire
Pitsburgcoon Cattery: Pat Tina'a breeder
Star Ridge Cattery: Home of Ch Lakeffect Andromeda of Star Ridge

Other Cat Related Sites:

Bil - Jac Foods
Cat Fanciers' Association: The world's largest registry of pedigreed cats
Diamond Pet Foods
Drs. Foster and Smith Vetrinary supplies and other stuff for pets.
Fanciers Breeders Referral List: A large site with links to many catteries
Hill's Foods
Iams Foods
Nutro Foods
PK Products: A good source for grooming items and toys, among other things
Royal Canin Foods
Triumph Foods

Pedigree Software:

I use Breedmate Pedigree Software

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