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Champion Cats Landing Pinkerton of Lakeffect

Photo of Pinkerton at the Cat Nation Fanciers show with Judge Wayne Trevathan
Photo by Bill Somrak

Ch Cats Landing Pinkerton of Lakeffect is our new stud boy. He's a cream-silver with white classic tabby who carries non-silver and may carry without white and solid. "Pinks" is a big, very laid-back cat who stretches out on the judges' stands and gets comfortable. He weighed 18 pounds at nine months and has was 24 pounds at neutering! He was born May 5, 2001, at Cats Landing Cattery in Michigan. His breeder is Kristine Meilstrup. He is a pleasure to show because of his temperament and his size. Thank you Kristine for letting me have this guy. "Pinks" is now retired and living in New Jersey with his best friend, GP Lakeffect Edmund Fitzgerald.

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