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"Mark Aleks" Aleksandrowicz is exceptionally qualified to help guide the City of Erie forward in a progressive, ethical, dynamic and economically sound manner as its newest city council member in 2008. It's a job with daunting responsibilities made even more difficult by the tough economic times faced by Erie and the nation as a whole. It's a job for a strong, professional, experienced businessman like "Mark Aleks" Aleksandrowicz, who is a down-to-earth "people person" and loves his home town.

A life long resident of Erie, Mark Aleksandrowicz was born at 908 Hess Avenue, to parents who were first generation Americans. His grandparents emigrated to America from Poland and lived nearby, on East 8th Street. He attended Holy Family Elementary school through the second grade until his parents moved out to the countryside, later graduating from Cathedral Preparatory High School in 1974. Mark attended Penn State Behrend College part-time to obtain several certificates in business managment and accounting courses, while also regularly attending business consulting classes held throughout the U.S. on a regular basis. The Aleksandrowicz family is still a tight-knit clan, owning and operating Aleks Powersports on Peninsula Drive, where Mark has learned to work well as a team player, and now a leader, in managing the business brothers. As part-owner of a successful retail business, he has developed excellent listening skills and an appreciation for the importance of good customer service. Despite his move as a child outside the City of Erie limits, Mark remembered his roots and love of the old Polish neighborhood his grandparents settled in. To that end, fifteen years ago he began to purchase and renovate houses in the City of Erie in his spare time. In January 2003, he purchased a residence on Lighthouse Street, to move back to the East side and return to his roots. He loves living in an old-fashioned house in a close knit neighborhood that boasts a touch of old Erie history, and captures the essence of Lake Erie. A self-described "average citizen", husband, father, and stepfather, Mark, like his neighbors and family members, has become deeply concerned with an increase in the cost of living in Erie that is not matched by increased income or job opportunities. Mark has decided that "enough is enough", and he is ready and willing to contribute the necessary time and effort to assist helping renovate and rejuvenate the economy, along with boosting the moral and pride of the citizens of Erie by announcing his candidacy for a city council seat. Mark Aleksandrowicz plans to find ways to streamline government, to scrutinize all of city spending and bidding policies, and to actively engage the mayor and the rest of city council in assisting businesses with new idea's, developments, and potential new jobs rather than allow those businesses to pack up, close their doors, and move to another city.

Mark is an avid motorcyclist and a member of a vintage motorcycle restoration society. Mark is also a member of several local, state, and national motorcycle business associations and groups, along with being a member in several eastside clubs. He would like to help return Erie to pride in community and pride in a sound economy that encourages young people to remain in Erie and put down roots, just as he was able to do.

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