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"I will do a better job"

1. Listening to you. Creating new ideas. Blending all of out ideas together to create the best one.

2. Create a "Citizens Advisory Committee" to discuss what ideas are working, and which are not.

3. Targeting LERTA tax reductions for projects in the areas of the city that needs them the most.

4. Helping our senior citizens

5. Handling your tax dollars wisely and efficiently

6. Obtaining funds, contributions, services from the tax-exempt non-profits that operate in this city

7. Keeping business and jobs in this city, and doing whatever is necessary to create new jobs, which are the basis of wealth creation.

8. Of finding a good middle ground between the city employees unions and the city administration

9. Of looking for more efficient ways to operate city govewrnment while still provoding the proper levels of services that taxpayers pay for and expect.

10. Of saving taxpayers money immediately, by eliminating the full family health insurance benefits for city council members, who are only part-time workers.

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