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Q: Okay I'm here, now what?
First off, tell me about your business and what you want the site to say. Do you have any printed brochures or print ads? If you have a logo we definitely will want to include it on every page. If you have a deli or restaurant we can do a menu page. If you have customers going to your establishment we'll put in a Mapquest or Yahoo Maps link to your address so people can print out a map. If you have any favorite photos of your business, family, friends, pets, etc, that you would like included I can scan them or touch up digital photos and optimize them for viewing over the web.

Q: I enjoy telling people about my business but let's get something I can see, what's next?
Now that we have decided what you want your site to tell the world we can move on to how we want it to look. There are 216 colors that are considered "websafe." This means that any web browser can "see" them. We have a chart that you can see by clicking here. Your site can also have a background picture or we can do some kind of texture or gradient based on the colors you choose. If you already have a logo, we can find colors thst will match or work well with it.

Q: I know what colors I like, how about some text?
Good, now let's pick out fonts by clicking here. We recommend three or fewer font styles to make it a visually pleasing experience for your visitors. In many cases one font all the way through looks best.

Q: That was easier than I thought, what's next?
We need to decide what your site's basic layout will be. We usually have links to other pages in our text but visitors also expect some type of navigation area on your site. Most sites follow basic layout schemes. Do you want one with side navigation like this one? Or would you prefer top and bottom navigation like this site? Or perhaps a site map/table of contents type navigation like the site here?

Now that you've decided where the navigation section will be, we need to decide what style it will have. Our sites always have some type of change coded in so that links look differently when you mouse over them. This lets the visitor know that the section of text or button is a link to another page or an area on your page. Do you want your site to have buttons, flat images that change on mouse-over, text links, or javascript menus?

Q: So far so good, what else is there?
We need to decide how many pages you need and what will be on them. Most sites have a Home/Index page that introduces the site and has contact information, an About page that tells about you and your business or hobby, and one or more pages describing your subject matter/products/services.

Q: Is that it?
Yep. Now all you have to do is wait a little while to review your site and make any needed changes. Some sites are finished within a matter of days. We will probably be in touch with you as your pages are finished so you can review them as we go.
Q: That was really easy and painless, why did I wait so long to do this?
I'm only a computer information systems nerd, I can't answer that question but I'm glad you waited until now.

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