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These excerpts are text taken from actual spam messages. Most of them strike me as Mad-Libs gone terribly wrong.

Pheobe Owens deserves a Pullet Surprise for this work

Your name! he demanded, sharply Robert Billings Joslyn, United States of America! Your business, Monsieur Joslyn! Rob drew the Record from his pocket and placed it upon the tableThis, sir, said he, is an electrical device that records all important events discontinue Orange stad, and then mail stop 1.200 B, followed by A rub a I wish to call your attention to a scene enacted in Paris last evening which may have an effect upon the future history of your country He opened the lid, placed the Record so that the President could see clearly, and then watched the changing expressions upon the great man's face; first indifference, then interest, the next moment eagerness and amazement MON DIEU! he gasped; the Orleanists! Rob nodded Yes; they've worked up a rather pretty plot, haven't they? The President did not reply

This is from an ad for yet another new mortgage

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Any jersey cow can make love to cough syrup near, but it takes a real blithe spirit to sandwich related to. Lorie, the friend of Lorie and panics with defendant related to asteroid.

Time Has Come To Put Food Bugs On The Run

Enemy write mouth sad green left appear fall. About double earth ridden.
The Surrealestate Agent says: That must be some kind of mystical incantation to smite those pesky Food Bugs

Sinister Block, by the lovely and talented Brock Jolly

mathematician horseback tammany bryce clothbound hardtack erie it hysteron chieftain spite squeal being tx backup sidewise gauche zeroes birch domino riffle banish moist dane perilla we battlefield depute aluminate demarcate childhood brain alexis human saloonkeeper swordfish drew devotion duck asterisk inverness adapt aggressor contralateral buttonweed intuit southwestern fig calumet elite cretinous wigging police aegean ambient deepen scrawny lares

cook ginsburg lascivious salesmen inform rowboat compute contretemps prothonotary beatify azure shrive champ shrill aura continua patriotic orinoco tasteful tundra parse edwardine beatific supine aristotelean resolute cygnus durkee conscript coronado schuyler kajar carte punster interrogatory acclimate fine pluck ascent quince confessor cheetah climb gatekeep agamemnon angelfish foamflower aldrin wedge regulatory keelson respiration basic vortex grandchild chlorophyll cretan absinthe wingtip indelicate classification mn prudential posterity courteous cornucopia cutlet no rural belmont shrapnel gigaherz lugging nazism confirmatory rena contravention redstone spent holyoke seaside z's taxi bully actuarial modal heathen areaway bulky caper devon decryption ephesus logic commute verbatim applicate loamy burlesque topology curio extirpate wayne strong drawback pamela vindictive siren cocky anathema crime vacuole ghoul worn borough archive pensive progress converse salish thermionic bun constituent choir deathward unidirectional difficult jacobus indonesia albany missionary pawtucket rockland extolling merrymake ongoing sus upswing buy rotate afterthought

Who needs free cable TV when you can curl up with good reading material like this?

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aim bouffant cotillion frustrater chairman longhand blunder seacoast coarse load upward yarrow benjamin veracious anhydrite razor mimicked barbecue viva runoff

Maybe the government banned your CD because your spam is so violent

renovate credo insipid amply hector tyburn barre regretted dwarf avail gross biggs glossary profiteer leo contravene extendible episode driveway nora martyrdom habitat prurient diameter device somebody'll layoff coolant oft bacillus dutchmen nit gang grossman dailey
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fervent finale crust heterogeneous picturesque cabaret sagittal dionysus sway pathway orchestrate rope hartford apt abolish parachute delusion ferguson rhyme coca sixteenth godwit mayo strangle stereography credit axial eyesight downing hasn't eyesore rift torture cease peaceful danish diabolic headstrong rhenium war atonal depose hypocycloid knife plus answer featherbedding romance gratitude ala automatic malaprop bullish denny insolvent macho lackluster minuscule dynasty trailside carthage brothel
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Night Parts Expect War?

has true approach stopped oh technical character paid.respect ask fire complete b music truth mrs taken piece united british. night parts expect war been. side individual hot view purpose big firm.

The subject line read: cringe clove hoofmark chomp bunt port sparta sinter amber hodgepodge plod alcohol prosecute television buddy verse anybody'd -- I think I need one of those

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